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Welcome to wd_icontest, a weekly Disney icon challenge run by squishysquidgy. Want to be a co-mod? Apply here!

Each week there will be two different challenges. The first challenge will have specific directions that must be followed or your icon will not qualify. The directions for each of these challenges will depend on which mod is running them for that week, so make sure you read their rules! The second challenge is a character profile, with a different character every week. These challenges have screencaps provided which must be used for the icon submitted.

For more information about the two different challenges see here.

Challenges are posted Sundays and voting will begin the following Saturday. Voting will end Sunday and be posted along with the new challenge. All icons must be submitted by the times specificed in the challenge posts or they will not qualify for that challenge. Please take into consideration that times may vary depending on the mod's timezone, however these will be addressed in each challenge post. This is when the World Clock comes in handy.

Only members are able to participate and everything but the challenges are flocked, so make sure you join the community!

* To be able to participate and vote, you must be a member of the community.
* Create NEW icons for this community. They must also remain anonymous until voting has been closed.
* Icons MUST meet livejournal requirements ie. be 100x100 (or smaller) not exceeding 40k.
* If you are a member with your personal journal and a graphics journal - you may only enter and vote with ONE of them. And definitly no voting for your personal journal's icon with your graphic journal's account.
* Post both your icon and its url as a comment to that challenge, with a mention of which of the two challenges your icon is for.
* Do NOT vote for yourself.
* All comments will be screened until the winners are announced and unscreened after the winners have been announced.

If you have any questions be sure to email (or instant messsage) any of us! Also, please be sure to put wd_icontest in the subject line or we might not get to the email!

Moderator :

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